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About Us

A continuous growing reality.

Sacchettificio Mantucci was founded in 1968 by Vincenzo Mantucci, who – after a period spent abroad working as a construction laborer, together with his brothers Bernardino and Emiliano – decided to start the adventure by buying a bagging machine from a small paper converting company.

The beginning was difficult, because the market was dominated by many small paper mills having sack factories as well, but what initially was a point of weakness, then turned into strength due to market change, as the shopkeepers started asking for more customized products than the generic ones.

While in the mid-’70s the integrated sack factories were closing, leaner and more flexible companies such as Sacchettificio Mantucci were making their way, focusing on small customized production lots with the logo of the shops, bars or food stores. In the ’70s and’ 80s Sacchettificio Mantucci distinguished itself in foresight, by focusing on the most dynamic wholesalers, ready to ride the new wave of production customization.

Sacchettificio Mantucci, however, has always been very attentive to the trend of its reference market: in the ’70s it was one of the first companies starting the production of printed papers, and in the’ 80s it was among the market innovators as far as wrapping papers are concerned, with the production of papers laminated with polypropylene, as a substitute of polyethylene coated papers; in the ‘90s, the company began to print special papers, such as aluminum and polyethylene coated papers treated “corona”.During the first five years of 2000, the company invested in new slive printing technologies, which allow savings in set-up and improve the printing yield. The paper bags and gastronomy counter papers sector is one of the most mature sectors in which the Italian companies excel: but this “maturity” does not necessarily mean that companies must be old!

Sacchettificio Mantucci has always focused on young people, considering their enthusiasm and dynamism as an essential factor: two graduates and many holders of a diploma work in the company, even in the production department, while the average age of the workers does not exceed thirty years, combining experience with enthusiasm, tradition with future. The company has grown in many aspects: not only in turnover, from a few million Lire in the early ‘70s to almost eight million Euros in 2005, but also in personnel – now over forty units – and in machineries: to the first bagging machine, still working, 18 bagging machines, 5 couplers and 3 in-line cutters have been added so far.

Sacchettificio Mantucci excels in the production of paper bags for bread and food, packaging papers, food papers. Many of the packaging products you find on the gastronomy counters of the main supermarket chains are produced and printed by Sacchettificio Mantucci: the paper that wraps cold cuts and the paper bag that contains them, as well as the “pelleaglio” paper that wraps and embellishes the best pastry shops and pizzerias packages. or many tissue papers for shoes of the most prestigious brands. For 35 years the company’s production has grown exponentially: today it converts almost 20.000 kilos of paper a day, thanks to the work of forty employees who have joined the one lady with whom production began. Together with Sacchettificio, the surrounding area has grown, becoming one of the most densely populated Umbrian areas of SMEs: good relations with other paper converters in the district – to which the company supplies or from which raw materials are purchased – confirm this by avoiding savage wars on prices or oligopoly behavior.

Sacchettificio Mantucci has always aimed at excellence in customer service, better quality printings, frequent and on time deliveries, attention to customers’ needs: features that have lead to long lasting relationships and to a quite low customer turnover. Many of them have been purchasing from the company for thirty-five years. After the integrated sack factories and the customizations boom, now it’s up to the European challenge: thanks to the monetary union the risk of exchange has failed, opening a large market but full of problems, such as transports and the consequent difficulty in customer loyalty and in an adequate level of services. New markets mean new competitors, new approaches and new needs, but behind every risk there is a chance: Sacchettificio Mantucci has been serving some important foreign customers for several years, penetrating more and more other markets in the north and in the south of Europe. Its medium-term goal is to strengthen its position abroad, both for products where it has been a leader for many years, as well as those it has added and it is going to add to its productions. Besides the above mentioned goal, Sacchettificio Mantucci also cultivates that one of increasing its share in the BOD (Big Organised Distribution), by stipulating cooperation agreements with other complementary companies to improve coverage in Italy and providing a logistic service as efficient as possible.

Projects and short-term investments are finally directed towards the production of large-capacity sacks, a rapidly expanding market in Italy and widespread abroad.